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Fear Factor Poll: How sick are Canadians getting from Omicron?

A recent poll conducted by Angus Reid asked Canadians who had tested positive for Omicron COVID how sick they got from the virus — 99% compared it to the flu.

The poll revealed:

  • 52% said their symptoms were mild;
  • 47% said it was serious, but manageable and compared it to the flu; and
  • 1% said they were sick enough to require hospitalization.

Note: This only includes people who tested positive for the virus.

How many tens of thousands of Canadians came down with the Omicron, but the symptoms were so mild or manageable, they never bothered to get tested?

Like the seasonal flu, the elderly and those with underlying health conditions are still vulnerable to Omicron and need to be protected.

But unless governments plan to start locking down countries during the cold and flu season, it is time to end the COVID mandates.

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