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Poll: The majority of Canadians want an end to COVID mandates

Freedom Convoy 2022 protest in front of Canada’s Parliament in Ottawa, On.
Credit: News 360 Tv/YouTube/Wikipedia/Creative Commons 3.0

A recent poll shows just how out of touch Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, is with average Canadians.

When a convoy made of thousands of trucks journeyed across Canada to Ottawa calling for an end to the COVID mandates, they were cheered on by tens of thousands of Canadians as the convoy passed through their respective communities. Trudeau reacted by calling them a “fringe minority.” READ: Canadians Furious After Trudeau’s ‘Fringe Minority’ Comment As Thousands Of Truckers Head to Capital

But a recent poll by Angus Reid reveals that the majority of Canadians (54%) are now a part of this ‘fringe minority’ and want to see the COVID mandates ended:

Some tweets about the Ottawa protest:

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