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Report: Bad flu seasons were worse than Omicron

While the medical and political elite power trip on issuing more lockdowns over omicron, we have to wonder if they are already looking forward to next year’s cold and flu season.

Britain has been hard hit by Omicron, and experts there are stating that deaths from Omicron are half those reported during the country’s bad flu seasons.

The Daily Mail writes that government stats reveal that about 130 people are dying from COVID each day during the Omicron surge. Note, this does not necessarily mean they died from COVID, but did die with it.

And this is down from 1,300 daily deaths due to COVID in January 2021.

But here is the shocker, at the peak of the flu season in 2017-18, the government was reporting 400 daily deaths from the flu and 300 deaths each day in 2016-17.

The Daily Mail writes:

Professor Paul Hunter, an infectious disease expert from the University of East Anglia, said the figures showed that the burden of Covid is now comparable to flu. He told MailOnline Covid would ‘almost certainly’ get weaker every year as people develop natural immunity and eventually become a common cold that kills only the very vulnerable further down the line. 

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And in the US

According to a report issued in July 2021 by the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC), 95% of the people who were hospitalized for COVID had at least one underlying health issue.

The top three were:

  • 50.4% had high blood pressure;
  • 49.4% had lipid metabolism (issues with fat cells); and
  • 33% were obese.

READ: CDC chief: 75% of vaccinated people who die of COVID already seriously ill

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