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88% of Maryland’s black population support re-funding police

Another poll revealed how a small minority of left wing extremists, with the help of the mainstream media, is dominating America’s political culture and trying to intimidate anyone who stands in its way.

After the Black Lives Matter protests over the past several months, you would think all blacks want to see funding cut to police departments across America.

In fact, one poll shows this is not true.

The Washington Free Beacon reports that a recent poll revealed that 88% of Blacks are in favour of Maryland’s Republican’s Governor Larry Hogan’s effort to refund police departments in that state.

In fact, 64% of Blacks were ‘strongly’ in favour of this initiative and 24% were ‘somewhat’ supportive.

Those numbers were very similar to the white population where 89% generally favoured re-funding police and the Latino population where 74% supported spending more money on policing.

Predictably, Maryland’s Democrat Party, which is now being dominated by a small group of left wing extremists, criticized Hogan’s plan to spend an additional $150 million on policing in that state.

READ: 88 Percent of Black Marylanders Support Hogan’s ‘Re-Fund the Police’ Initiative

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