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Dem lawmaker calls for men to receive vasectomies after 3 children

According to Faithwire, a Democrat lawmaker in Pennsylvania has introduced a bill in the state legislature that would force men who have had either three children or are above the age of 40 (which ever comes first) to have a vasectomy.

The bill introduced by Rep Chris Rabb (D), that refers to men as inseminators, requires them to have a vasectomy within six weeks of the birth of a third child.

It would also give women who get pregnant the right to sue any man in violation of the above restrictions and also offers a $10,000 reward to any person who exposes a man in violation of the law.

The proposed legislation was a mocking response to a bill recently passed in Texas prohibiting abortions after the baby has its first heart beat that typically takes place around the sixth week.

Missing in all of this is any serious discussion on when life begins in the womb.

READ: Dem Lawmaker Calls for Mandatory Vasectomies After Limited Number of Children

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