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Supreme Court allows Texas ‘heartbeat’ law to stand

In a close 5-4 decision, the Supreme Court just ruled that it won’t stop a law passed by the Texas government making it illegal to abort a baby once a heartbeat is detected.

The legislation, referred to as the Heartbeat Act (SB 8), became law on Wednesday, Sept 1, 2021. Pro-abortionists were trying to have the law stopped until legal challenges on its constitutionality could be settled.

However, the Supreme Court ruled that the law remains in effect until those cases are decided.

A baby’s heart beat can be detected as early as five to six weeks.

Charisma News reports that the law has one unique feature, as it also allows private citizens to sue individuals conducting abortions on babies with a heart beat for up to $10,000.

READ: Supreme Court Allows Texas Bill Banning Abortions Once a Heartbeat to Remain in Place

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