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Covid and Privacy

Many people ask me if I have been vaccinated. Since I have been vaccinated in my childhood for diseases such as polio, I could honestly say yes. If people ask, and they do, if I have my Covid vaccines, well that’s a different story.

I consider my personal health records private. There are other things I consider private as well like my credit information and alarm codes for security systems. Not too many people would come up to me and ask me for my credit card number. It’d be none of their business. Fewer still would randomly ask me the alarm codes for the church. Why would they? It would be something that does not concern them and it would be stupid of me to share c=such vital information.

The COVID vaccine, which as a matter of my personal health record, ought to be in the same category as none of your concern or your business. But the people who demand an answer to this question believe their need to know outweighs my right to keep such things private.

Their logic is that since the government has spent millions of dollars telling us that the vaccine is the obligation of every living and breathing person on earth over the age of twelve or five or whatever arbitrary age they now deem, it is their right to know.

But is it?

In Canada and elsewhere, there have been many court cases in which two sets of rights clashed. Abortion and gay marriage are examples. Courts tend to rule in favour of public opinion. That’s why Christian values are seen as less important now.

If someone wants to have sex with a stranger, or a friend for that matter, they would be wise to ask questions regarding sexual diseases. Although the romantic image of a potential partner filling in a clipboard full of questions and getting a doctor’s note seems less romantic than just a quick hop into bed, it would be wise to do this.  There is proven data that unprotected sex has consequences. One of those consequences has been an increase in abortion of unwanted pregnancies.

That’s what invasive rights get.

Imagine though if completely random people, people you were not going to have sex with, demanded to know if you had any sexual diseases. Or if you were celibate. It would be none of their business, and you would be well within your right to keep such things private. It doesn’t mean you have a disease; it simply means you want to keep things private.

Keeping things private makes sense. However, we live in a time in which privacy is met with suspicion. The government and those making billions of dollars off of vaccine productions have done a great job of labelling nonvaccinated as evil and bad citizens, Therefore, unless I announce my private health record to the world, I must be hiding something. Maybe my true intentions are to destroy everyone around me. Or maybe I just don’t care about poor aunt June or the man next door. Unless I wear my vaccination like a badge of honour that proves I am a good citizen, I must be bad.

I understand there are people who are fearful, and some are downright terrified of COVID. But does that give them the right to demand I tell them if I have been vaccinated? And if it does, what about my right to privacy. I will go as far as saying that if you demand I have to be vaccinated to visit you, that is up to you. It is up to me to share that information. Anger from either side is not going to help the situation. I simply will not visit you.

One of the lies of socialism is that the private lives of citizens become the affair of the state. There are always words like common good or public health used to coerce and to shame people into compliance. Socialism, an ideology of unity, uses division to get control. Then it eliminates the problem of non-compliance. And that is where we are at right now.

People like me who prefer to keep private regarding health records, bank records, and security codes are bad for socialism. We must be ousted from mainstream society. Enter the vaccine passports.

I remember a much more free Canada than this.


Andy Becker is a pastor, retired counsellor and former CEO of a Hospice organization. His book, The Travelers, is available at and

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I am a writer, public speaker, and counsellor. I write stories about spiritual warfare and how God transforms us through faith, trust, and struggles.

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