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Bible reunited with Oklahoma family

Terry Ward from Nicoma Park, Oklahoma was out mowing his lawn after a rain when he found a Bible, screws and bullets in his flower bed.

The old Bible wasn’t wet, suggesting it was recently dumped. Going through the Bible, Terry discovered that it was dated to 1946 and belonged to a woman named Pearl Williams.

However, after Ward contacted the city office, they had no record of a Pearl Williams in the town.

But after later finding a Del City address in the Bible, Ward contacted the Del City police, who discovered that Pearl’s son was actually living at the address.

The family was grateful for the return of the family Bible that belonged to their mother, who had died in October 2020.

Inside the pages of the Bible were several mementos, including a clipping announcing the marriage of Pearl and the family’s father.

However, the police are now investigating as the discovery suggested Pearl’s home had been broken into sometime after her death.

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