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US Congress bill would allow abortions up to birth

According to Live Action, a bill called the Women’s Heath Protection Act (WHPA) being re-introduced into the US congress would allow abortions up to birth.

This means that the moment before birth a baby could be legally killed and the moment after, it would be murder. If passed, the bill allows women to abort their babies for any reason and could potentially overrule any state legislation that puts restrictions on abortions.

Live Action reports:

Currently, “health of the mother” loopholes including financial health and familial health allow abortion up to birth in the United States, but the WHPA will ensure a woman can have an abortion for any reason at all through all nine months of pregnancy. The bill could also wipe out conscience protections, parental notification laws, and informed consent laws.

Live Action noted that several polls reveal that even those who favour abortion believe there needs to be limits on abortions.

A Knight of Columbus/Marist poll conducted earlier this year revealed that only 15% of Americans, including 27% of those who support abortions, believe a woman should be allowed to abort a baby up to birth. Nearly 80% stated that there needs to be restrictions put on abortions.

Another national poll conducted on June 7, 2021 found that the majority of Americans support limiting abortion after 15 weeks.

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