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COVID and Evolution – What is wrong with this picture?

Darwin’s Theory of Evolution gave us a universe with no God, and no possibility that God could exist. If life started by accident, probably in a drop of water, and then evolved to become many species, there is no place for God in the story. And this story is taught to us and our children in most of the world. This is not a small thing. Most people believe in some divine being or force, and science tells us we are wrong.

What should a believer do?

There is an old question that is interesting to evolutionists: ‘Why do we have an appendix?’ That tiny organ in our bodies has no known purpose, and it is dangerous when it becomes infected. Probably someone has an answer to the question, or at least a good theory.

Another question that we should answer is: ‘Why do we have appendicitis?’ If we are the end product of millions or billions of years of evolution, why do we have such frail bodies? If doctors didn’t remove inflamed appendixes, people would die. Why didn’t we evolve past that defect millions of years ago? The process is called “survival of the fittest” and we are not very fit.

Again, someone might have an explanation, and it’s easy to dismiss me.

I believe in God.

The words are “In the beginning God created the heavens and the Earth.” (Genesis 1:1) and that God of the Bible “was, and is, and is to come.” (Revelation 1:8)

We exist, in modern society, with two systems that both deny each other. Either God exists, and God created ‘the heavens and the Earth’ or it all evolved from a chemical accident in a drop of water, millions of years ago. Somehow, we live together, but scientific evolution is the only truth in higher education. It’s not a theory, for educated people.

Recently, an evolutionary science writer said “We’ve Been Evolving For Millions Of Years, So Why Are Our Bodies So Flawed?” The writer mentions poor eyesight and sore backs. People everywhere need glasses, and who doesn’t have a sore back sometimes? That’s not where I would have started the talk, but an evolutionary scientist talked about those two problems and wrote a book about the contradiction in evolutionary theory. If we have evolved over millions of years, why don’t we have eyes like an eagle? Why does anyone need glasses? How is this survival of the fittest?

Why do we have appendicitis?

The first writer reviewed a new book about human evolution “Evolution Gone Wrong.”

READ: We’ve Been Evolving For Millions Of Years, So Why Are Our Bodies So Flawed?

The author of the book explains some problems with the theory of human evolution, and tries to solve those problems. This is criticism from the inside. The accident-without-God that evolved into us is not a fact that is above criticism. Some things can be questioned, and there are no clear answers. Us survivors are not always the fittest and the theory sais we should be.

And then we have COVID.

There is a lot of disagreement about COVID and about evolution, but let’s agree with the official explanation, and see what happens. A virus emerged in China, from bats. It did not come from a nearby research lab, it is a completely natural life-form. Also, let’s assume that we evolved over millions of years, and we are the fittest and most evolved so far. We don’t know when the first virus appeared, but in the official story, we have co-existed with them, almost from the beginning.

The question is “We’ve Been Evolving For Millions Of Years, So Why Are Our Bodies So Flawed?” By now we should have natural resistance to viruses. The COVID 19 virus has ruined lives and damaged our economies, and we seem to be helpless victims confronting an enemy that we can’t stop. After so much evolution, we are not fit.

Also, the viruses haven’t evolved enough. A virus that causes a terrible infection and kills the host body also kills itself. That’s like burning your house down with your family in it. There is no future in that. The fittest virus that survives and thrives, is the one that causes a mild infection, and lives on to infect others.

The theory doesn’t fit the facts; an evolutionist wrote a book about that. This contradiction begs to be explained.

If we can’t prove that either side is correct, we can know that it is reasonable to choose. A sensible person can believe in the God who made us. Others can believe in an accident in a drop of water, and millions of years of adaptation.

We get to choose.

In the Bible, a man named Joshua made his choice. In our time, we have God and many other gods and we are responsible to choose. “Yes I will” is a good choice:

And if it is evil in your eyes to serve the Lord choose this day whom you will serve, whether the gods your fathers served in the region beyond the River, or the gods of the Amorites in whose land you dwell. But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. (Joshua 24: 15)

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