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COVID and Evolution – What is wrong with this picture?

Darwin’s Theory of Evolution gave us a universe with no God, and no possibility that God could exist. If life started by accident, probably in a drop of water, and then evolved to become many species, there is no place for God in the story. And this story is taught to us and our children in most of the world. This is not a small thing. Most people believe in some divine being or force, and science tells us we are wrong. What should a believer do? There is an old question that is interesting to evolutionists: ‘Why do we have an appendix?’ That tiny organ in our bodies has no known purpose, and it is dangerous when it becomes infected. Probably someone has an answer to the question, or at least a good theory. Another question that we should answer is: ‘Why do we have appendicitis?’ If we are the end product of millions or billions of years of evolution, why do we have such frail bodies? If doctors didn’t remove inflamed appendixes, people …

What’s happening with Darwin’s evolution?

In 1859 Charles Darwin published his book “The Origin of the Species” and he described what we call his “Theory of Evolution.” Today Darwin is described as a “naturalist” because he was interested in natural things, but “Naturalist” was not really a profession. Charles Darwin was educated at Cambridge University and his professional training could be described as theology or divinity. He was trained and qualified to be a minister in the Church of England, and he was similar to a graduate of a Bible College today. His theory of evolution gave us a universe without God; a place where life emerged from nothing and evolved into what we have today, through natural processes. It was a way to explain the creation without the creator. We can read Darwin’s book as theology, and not just biology. I think we all know there is a religious argument in the theory of evolution. Sometimes, when I’m driving in traffic, I see a fish symbol on another car. That is supposed to mean the driver is a Christian, …

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Oops, that wasn’t supposed to happen: genetic study unravels evolutionary theory

A study produced by two geneticists Mark Stoeckle from New York’s Rockefeller University and David Thaler from Switzerland’s University of Baler concluded that 90% of animals came into existence at the same time as humans and relatively recently. This conclusion seriously challenges the theory of evolution that requires millions of years for animals to slowly evolve, with man being the climax of the evolutionary cycle. In their study published in the Human Evolution journal, the two geneticists examined the “DNA barcodes” of 100,000 species of animals stored in GenBank, a genetic data base operated by the American government. Based on this study, the two concluded that animals appeared at the same time as humans about 100,000 to 200,000 years ago. Though there may be some dispute on the dating, their study nevertheless confirms the Biblical account that says humans and animals were created at the same time on the fifth day. In an interview with Christian Headlines, Ken Ham founder of the creationist organization Answers in Genesis suggested the age numbers were inflated by evolutionary …

An evolutionist comes clean on the impossibility of evolution by stating we are alone

[by Dean Smith] Evolutionists want everyone to think that science is settled on evolution — that it is a hard, cold scientific fact. But it is actually just a theory on how life developed on earth and it’s not a very good one. The Bible is very clear that God alone created the heavens and earth and all life on our planet. And at least one evolutionist has come clean on the impossible odds of evolution happening in a very odd way. In a recent documentary called “Human Universe,” produced by England’s BBC, Professor Brian Cox said he does not believe in aliens or any other form of extra terrestrial life on other planets. Why?