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Oops, that wasn’t supposed to happen: genetic study unravels evolutionary theory

Malaysia Credit: Juha Riissanen/Flickr/Creative Commons

Malaysian cave Credit: Juha Riissanen/Flickr/Creative Commons

A study produced by two geneticists Mark Stoeckle from New York’s Rockefeller University and David Thaler from Switzerland’s University of Baler concluded that 90% of animals came into existence at the same time as humans and relatively recently.

This conclusion seriously challenges the theory of evolution that requires millions of years for animals to slowly evolve, with man being the climax of the evolutionary cycle.

In their study published in the Human Evolution journal, the two geneticists examined the “DNA barcodes” of 100,000 species of animals stored in GenBank, a genetic data base operated by the American government. Based on this study, the two concluded that animals appeared at the same time as humans about 100,000 to 200,000 years ago.

Though there may be some dispute on the dating, their study nevertheless confirms the Biblical account that says humans and animals were created at the same time on the fifth day.

In an interview with Christian Headlines, Ken Ham founder of the creationist organization Answers in Genesis suggested the age numbers were inflated by evolutionary assumptions, but said the study nevertheless challenges the foundational beliefs of evolutionary theory.

The two geneticists were also well aware of the waves their conclusions would cause in evolutionary circles. Thaler stated almost apologetically:

“This conclusion is very surprising and I fought against it as hard as I could.”

It was kind of a puzzling remark because why would you fight against the science, just because it disagreed with strongly held positions on how humans supposedly evolved?

But their conclusion is also supported by the fossil record, that shows the sudden appearance of animals with no evolutionary trail behind them as they gradually evolved from simpler to more complex life forms. This trail is not only expected, but demanded by evolutionary theory.

Referred to as the Cambridge Explosion, it is a problem that evolutionists have never successfully dealt with. Writing for American Scientist, authors Osorio, Bacon and Whitington discussed the problematic Cambrian Explosion in their article “The Evolution of Anthropod Nervous Systems” stating:

“As Darwin noted in the Origin of Species, the abrupt emergence of arthropods in the fossil record during the Cambrian presents a problem for evolutionary biology. There are no obvious simpler or intermediate forms—either living or in the fossil record—that show convincingly how modern arthropods evolved from worm-like ancestors. Consequently there has been a wealth of speculation and contention.”

There is more.

Last year scientists found ancient human footprints embedded in sedimentary sand in Crete. From every analysis these were human foot prints, but there was one major problem. They were embedded in rock that was older than the animals that humans supposedly evolved from.

The National Post wryly pointed out the problem writing, “human ancestors may have existed in Crete at the same time as they evolved in Africa.”

There are so many recent discoveries challenging the basic tenets of evolution, some scientists are now suggesting we need a better explanation of how humans and animal life came into existence.


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