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Despite peace treaty, Jews still under attack in NYC

Even though the terrorist organization, Hamas and Israel have reached a peace treaty today effectively ending their conflict, it is still not safe for Jews in other parts of the world.

The Daily Caller reports on a Jewish man being assaulted by a mob in broad daylight in New York City:

A Jewish man was beat down in the middle of Times Square Thursday as many others were harassed by pro-Palestinian mobs who threw fireworks and shouted profanities.

Videos posted to social media capture the horrific incident that occurred in broad daylight. A group of individuals wearing similar clothing to individuals seen in other videos supporting Palestinians are seen beating a man in the middle of the street as bystanders try to step in and help the man. As authorities closed in, the group of assailants flee the scene.

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The Blaze also provided details of a confrontation that broke out between Israel and Palestinian supporters in NYC:

Pro-Palestinian demonstrators were filmed Thursday as they attacked Jews in Manhattan — allegedly harassing and beating pro-Israel counter-demonstrators; shooting fireworks at a crowd of onlookers; and spitting on diners eating in a local restaurant.

Some of the violence appeared to be mutual, as fights broke out between the two sides, facing off in Times Square. However, the pro-Palestinian demonstrators appeared to instigate and escalate the violence. One group (above) burned an Israeli flag.

READ: WATCH: Pro-Palestinian Rioters Appear to Attack, Spit on Jews in New York City

For the record, Hamas started the conflict with Israel when it launched over 1,200 missiles on Monday, May 10, 2021.

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