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Woke cops apologize for attack on free speech

Woke police in Merseyside, England were recently forced to issue a public policy after the force went rogue by making up its own law stating that being “offensive is an offence.”

In other words, according to Merseyside police, it is illegal to hurt somebodies feelings. Of course, this isn’t against the law as many quickly pointed out.

The Daily Mail explains:

A police force has been slammed for its ‘utterly chilling, North Korean-style’ hate crime awareness campaign.

Merseyside Police were heavily criticised on social media after using the slogan, ‘Being offensive is an offence’ on a mobile billboard driven around the Wirral on Saturday. 

The force tweeted images of their new slogan board alongside the Rainbow Flag to show their support for LGBTQ people.

But the campaign immediately faced heavy criticism online over their wording, with many saying it is an attack on free speech because there is nothing illegal about merely ‘causing offence’. 

READ: Cops apologise for making up the law as they go along: Woke police force backs down over ‘utterly chilling North Korean’ (and wrong) claim that ‘being offensive is an OFFENCE’

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