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Video: Interview with wife of jailed Canadian pastor

James Coates, pastor of GraceLife Church in Edmonton, Alberta Canada was arrested for violating the province’s lockdown orders and holding church services. He has not been released from jail because he refuses to abide by the court’s bail conditions. In an interview with Faytene Grasseschi, Pastor Coate’s wife, Erin, explains the church’s side of the story.

Jerusalem’s Pilgrim road was built by Pilate, and it was a sign of things to come

Archaeologists have determined that a road thought to have been originally constructed by King Herod Agrippa (41 AD to 44 AD) was actually built by Pontius Pilate who was governor of Judea from 26 AD to at least 37 AD. Agrippa was the grandson of King Herod who ruled at the time of Christ’s birth. Known as the Jerusalem Pilgrim Road, it is a popular tourist site for both Jews and Christians. The stepped road, that was over a third of a mile long (600 meters), started at the Pool of Siloam (a mikveh or ritual bath) near the southern gates of the city and travelled up to the Jewish temple. And we see a reference to the upward incline in Acts 3:1, when we are told that Peter and John were going “up” to the Temple. Jews used this road for pilgrimages to the Temple during three of the feasts, Passover, Pentecost and the Feast of Tabernacles. Josephus estimated that upwards of two million would visit Jerusalem during those festivals. Jewish pilgrims started their …

Bomb squad disarms suspicious package in front of church

The bomb squad in Butler County, Ohio was called in after someone reported a mysterious duffel bag in front of a church. We have seen a lot of changes in society over the past couple of decades, and there are reasons to be concerned when this happens. Fortunately, it was a false alarm unless you consider a mother cat named Sprinkles and her six, one-day old, kittens dangerous.