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Has the Chinese Communist Party become a cult?

The Chinese Communist Party has transformed itself from a political party to a cult as it is now demanding that Hong Kong politicians must not only be loyal to the Communist party, they must love it.

The Blaze explains:

Hong Kong leaders must pledge loyalty to — and demonstrate “love” for — China’s communist party in order to stay in office, Reuters reported.

Community-level district councils must pledge the oath of allegiance to Hong Kong’s mini-constitution, according to a bill the Chinese-ruled city is announcing this week, the outlet said.

Secretary for Mainland and Constitutional Affairs Erick Tsang Kwok-wai said politicians viewed as insincere would be barred from office, Reuters reported.

“You cannot say that you are patriotic, but you do not love the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party, or you do not respect it — this does not make sense,” Tsang said, according to the outlet. “Patriotism is holistic love.”

READ: Hong Kong leaders must pledge loyalty to — and show ‘love’ for — China’s communist party to stay in office

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