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Communist China claims its vaccines are ‘good enough’

Communist China National Congress
Credit: Voice of America/Public Domain/Wikipedia

When Communist China released its COVID vaccine to the world, it initially claimed it was 80% effective in comparison to US and European vaccines that were running at around 94% effective. However, when Brazilian authorities tested the vaccine they found it to be only 50% effective. China’s reaction to the news suggests that they probably already knew that.

Breitbart explains:

China’s state-run Global Times on Wednesday put the happiest possible spin on a dismaying Brazilian study that showed China’s Sinovac vaccine candidate for the Chinese coronavirus is only 50 percent effective.

Even though the results were far below the 80 percent effectiveness originally claimed — and that, in turn, was far below the estimates for vaccines like the one made by Pfizer — the Global Times declared it was “good enough.”

Sao Paulo-based Instituto Butantan, the research institute developing the Sinovac product for distribution in Brazil, announced last week that clinical tests showed it to be 78 percent effective overall. On Tuesday, the institute revealed at a press conference that late-stage trials involving over 12,000 volunteers showed it was only 50.38 percent effective overall, although the Brazilian researchers said it was much more effective at treating “severe” cases of Chinese coronavirus than mild infections.

READ: China Declares Its 50-Percent Effective Coronavirus Vaccine Candidate ‘Good Enough’

We shouldn’t be surprised, because the Chinese people have always had their suspicions about vaccines manufactured by the communist regime.

Breitbart explains why the Chinese Communist Party is having trouble convincing people in China to even take a flu shot:

The Communist Party of China is struggling to convince citizens to receive influenza vaccinations to protect them in the upcoming flu season after years of corruption scandals involving faulty, watered-down, or otherwise useless vaccines, the South China Morning Post noted on Monday.

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Meanwhile, as the Communist regime is creating vaccines that are ‘good enough’, their vaccine manufacturers are leaking viruses out of their factories. READ: 6,000+ People Infected from Chinese Vaccine Factory Leak

Of course, some wonder if the Communist regime’s ‘good enough’ mentality is why the coronavirus leaked out of the country’s level 4 virology lab in Wuhan in the first place. READ: Did Coronavirus Come From A Lab? Ten Key Takeaways From A Shocking New Report AND Did coronavirus originate in Chinese government laboratory?

And that ‘good enough’ mentality may also explain this. READ: China stops two WHO scientists from travelling to investigate origins of COVID-19 in Wuhan

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