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Who is spying on Canadian churches?

CBC offices in Toronto, Ontario Canada
Credit: SimonP/Wikipedia/Creative Commons 3.0

Recently, a reporter for Canada’s state-owned Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) was caught stalking a small church in Chilliwack in British Columbia, Canada that was holding a service during the lockdown.

The Blaze reports:

A journalist posted video of her counting people exiting a church Sunday in Chilliwack, British Columbia, and called their presence in the house of worship a “bold breach” of Canadian COVID restrictions.

Georgie Smyth — who’s with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and covers the Vancouver area — appears to be sitting in a vehicle some distance from the church and can be heard on her video counting people as they exit:

I counted more than 60 people inside this church in Chilliwack, a bold breach of PHO orders to suspend gatherings d… — GeorginaSmyth (@GeorginaSmyth)1606694083.0

“I counted more than 60 people inside this church in Chilliwack, a bold breach of [Provincial Health Officer] orders to suspend gatherings due to record high COVID cases,” she wrote. “Another church nearby was visited by [Royal Canadian Mounted Police]. Unfortunately both religious leaders decline to speak with us on camera.” ⁦

The reporter has apparently blocked people who can view her tweets, but The Blaze was able to catch several colourful responses. READ: VIDEO: Reporter actually counts people exiting church, calls their actions ‘bold breach’ of Canadian COVID rules. Then reporter is compared to Hitler.

The CBC is Canada’s state owned public broadcaster that no one watches, but every taxpayer pays for as it receives over $1.5 billion annually in government-funding. READ: LILLEY: Canadians are ditching CBC, so why do we keep funding it?

Yesterday, we reported on how several RCMP were sent to block members of a church congregation in Steinbach, Manitoba this past Sunday from driving into the parking lot for a drive-in church service.

The church members were planning to stay in their vehicles, with windows rolled up, and listen to a service broadcast over shortwave FM. So, why would they block a drive-in service? Is COVID-1984 now capable of spreading between cars? READ: Police block Canadian churchgoers from drive-in worship service: ‘heartbreaking’

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