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2nd lockdown could have serious mental health fallout: Researchers warn

It is more from the supposed cure is worse than the disease file. With governments around the world initiating second lockdowns because of another wave of Covid, mental health professionals are warning second lockdowns could have a devastating impact on society.

The first lockdown impacted people’s mental health and a second one could potentially compound this, leading to a devastating increase in suicides and drug overdoses.

Christian Post explains:

A second wave of devastation stemming from the novel coronavirus pandemic including soaring suicides and drug overdoses is imminent with the declining mental health of communities, medical researchers warn and it is expected to disproportionately impact the poor, older adults, blacks and Hispanics.

The warning came in Mental Health Disorders Related to COVID-19–Related Deaths published in The Journal of the American Medical Association on Monday. […]

“While nations struggle to manage the initial waves of the death and disruption associated with the pandemic, accumulating evidence indicates another ‘second wave’ is building: rising rates of mental health and substance use disorders,” the doctors wrote. “This imminent mental health surge will bring further challenges for individuals, families, and communities including increased deaths from suicide and drug overdoses. As with the first COVID-19 wave, the mental health wave will disproportionately affect Black and Hispanic individuals, older adults, lower socioeconomic groups of all races and ethnicities, and health care workers.”

The researchers referred to a survey conducted by the US Centers of Disease Control in June (during the first lockdown) that revealed 41% of people were reporting at least one “one adverse mental or behavioural health condition” and nearly 11% stated that they seriously considered suicide in the previous 30 days.

The authors noted:

“Remarkably, 10.7% of respondents reported seriously considering suicide in the last 30 days. The sudden interpersonal loss associated with COVID-19, along with severe social disruption, can easily overwhelm the ways individuals and families cope with bereavement.”

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Here is a bit of an update on the Great Barrington Declaration signed by thousands of medical professionals calling for an end to lockdowns because they are causing more damage than good.

  • On Oct. 7, 2020, 2,600 medical practitioners had signed the declaration, that has increased to 25,269 today.
  • On Oct. 7, 2020, 2,400 medical epidemiologists/researchers had signed the declaration, today that number sits at 9,562. (Note medical professionals are only added to the list once they have been verified.)

Of course, this isn’t the first time experts have expressed their concerns about the lockdowns:

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