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One man’s opinion on the lockdown devastation

The Washington Post recently ran a series on COVID-19, and Mike Fratantuono, the owner of Sunset Restaurant in Burnie, Maryland, responded with the negative impact the lockdowns are having on small business and society.

From the Washington Post:

I know this virus is real, okay? It’s real and it’s awful. I’m not disputing any of that,” Mike wrote. “But our national hysteria is worse. We allowed the virus to take over our economy, our small businesses, our schools, our social lives, our whole quality of life. We surrendered, and now everything is infected. […]

It’s like Trump said: The cure has been worse than the disease. People spent too much time at home watching the news all day, drinking in this hysteria until they were spraying down their groceries and afraid to leave home. It became another anti-Trump thing in the press. The impeachment didn’t work, the killer bees didn’t work, so let’s blow covid out of proportion and see if it hurts him. But it’s the rest of us that got hurt. It was day after day of failure. It was a slow and painful death.

We went to see our accountant at the end of the summer. He looked over the numbers but he didn’t say much, and that’s not like him. I said: “What would you do?” He said the way things were going, we’d have nothing left to lose within a few months.

We made the decision right then. There wasn’t much to discuss.

Our last day is September 30th, and then we’re done.

READ: ‘It’s like Trump said: The cure has been worse than the disease.’ AND ‘We surrendered, and now EVERYTHING is infected’: Business owner pens powerful letter on COVID-19 shutdowns

Fratantuono seems to be saying what many are thinking, that the Coronavirus has changed from a medical pandemic to a political one.

More small businesses are just giving up. READ: ‘I Can’t Keep Doing This:’ Small-Business Owners Are Giving Up

An estimated 400 million people lost their jobs world-wide because of the lockdowns. READ: New thinking on COVID lockdowns: They’re overly blunt and costly

And now researchers are suggesting from a medical standpoint, the lockdown cure was worse than the disease.

READ: Lockdown ‘could kill 75,000 over five years’ – that’s the OFFICIAL projection of non-COVID deaths caused by missed cancer diagnoses, cancelled operations and health impacts of a recession. The virus death toll? 42,000

READReport: Suicide rise from lockdowns to kill more than coronavirus in Australia

READ: More youth are dying of suicide, overdose than COVID-19 during pandemic: CDC director

READ: A Major Crisis Deepened During The Covid Lockdowns: Opioids

And lockdowns that were supposed to stop COVID, really didn’t make an impact in the area where it counted — deaths.

READ: Critics say lockdowns will be more damaging than the virus. Experts say it’s a false choice

READLockdowns DON’T work, study claims: Researchers say stay-at-home orders made no difference to coronavirus deaths around the world – but prior health levels DID

AND New study: Coronavirus lockdowns don’t save lives AND COVID-19 death rate is 75% lower in states that didn’t lock down: WSJ

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