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California: Wolves in sheep’s clothing?

In the Gospels, Jesus warned about people, who on the outside appear to have good intentions, but are actually there to purposefully cause harm. Communist regimes have been infiltrating underground churches for decades in their effort to stop the spread of Christianity. However, it is a bit shocking when we see a similar thing happening in the US.

Liberty Counsel is a Christian-based legal nonprofit fighting to preserve religious liberty across the US. Its president, Matthew Staver, recently sent out a newsletter explaining what is happening in California as Democrat Gov Gavin Newsom tries to unconstitutionally stop religious services.

Liberty Counsel writes:

California has issued the worst edicts in the nation against churches. CA Gov. Gavin Newsom first ordered no singing and chanting and then banned ALL worship, which includes Bible studies and fellowships in private homes.

But some California churches, pastors and congregants know that they must obey God. And that Caesar has no authority over the church.

Now, several of the pastors who chose to obey God rather than illegal, unconstitutional government edicts are being punished.

On August 7, Ventura County court issued a restraining order against Pastor Rob McCoy of Godspeak Calvary Chapel and “Does 1-1000,” along with anyone “acting in concert with them” who might worship in the future.

On August 21, the same court held Pastor McCoy in contempt. Godspeak Calvary Chapel has been fined 3,000 dollars so far – at the rate of 500 dollars for each worship service. New fines will be levied for every future service and the pastor could face prison if the people continue to worship.

Meanwhile, Santa Clara County officials sent “spies” to North Valley Baptist Church, looking for reasons to fine and close the church. The church was fined a total of 10,000 dollars for meeting and SINGING in each of the church’s two services last Sunday – 5,000 dollars for each service.

County officials posted a four-page letter on the front door of the church, in which the county admitted sending the spies into the church service and declared their worship “unlawful.”

For more information on what is going on in the US and to support Liberty Counsel, READ: Gov’t Spies in Churches and More…

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