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California: Wolves in sheep’s clothing?

In the Gospels, Jesus warned about people, who on the outside appear to have good intentions, but are actually there to purposefully cause harm. Communist regimes have been infiltrating underground churches for decades in their effort to stop the spread of Christianity. However, it is a bit shocking when we see similar things happening in the US.

California churches battle back against Gov. Newsom

There is a battle brewing in California between Gov. Gavin Newsom and Christian churches. According to the state’s lockdown rules, churches are limited to 25% capacity or 100 people, depending on what is lower. This means churches that can seat three to five thousand people can only have 100 people attending a service at one time. But what is bothering churches is that this 100 person cap is not applied equally to other business, including restaurants. And in acts of civil disobedience, several churches have announced that they will be returning to public services and purposefully violate the cap, with or without the government’s permission. One of those churches is Grace Community Church located in Los Angeles. Pastored by John McArthur, the church’s auditorium can seat 3,000 people, and prior to the Coronavirus was handling two services a day, with both running at full capacity. Even though there are threats that the city would cut off power to the church, in a letter posted on its website, the church said it would move ahead with …