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Totalitarians down under

During the Cold War, Communist East Germany had to build a wall to stop people from fleeing their communist utopia to freedom loving West Germany. The communists built guard towers and used search lights.

Australia’s State of Victoria, population 6.7 million, has just implemented a hard lockdown because it had 670 new COVID cases.

As part of this lockdown, it is against the law for people to travel in cars more than 5 km from their home, so they can’t even legally flee this totalitarian utopia.

Victoria Premier Daniel Andrews, who is described as a “radical leftist,” is using high-tech surveillance to stop people from escaping.

WND explains:

(SUMMIT NEWS) – Authorities in Melbourne, Australia will use high-tech surveillance drones to catch people outside not wearing masks as well as to scan for vehicles that are in violation of curfew by being more than 5km from home.

“High powered drones will be used to find people not wearing masks and cars too far from home,” according to a 7News Melbourne news report. The drones will also be used to ensure skate parks and playgrounds remain empty.

The surveillance devices can be flown up to a distance of 7km and produce images so clear they can “read a vehicle’s number plate from 500 meters away.”

READ: Melbourne authorities to use drones to catch people not wearing masks

Here are a few more of Victoria State’s COVID lockdown rules.

  • People are not allowed to leave their homes after 8 pm, unless they have proper paper work.
  • During the day, only one person is allowed to leave a home at one time, and the police are actually going to door to door to ensure this rule is obeyed.
  • Mandatory facemasks even outside.

And according to Father Glen Tattersall, the state even uses search lights:

‘We have a curfew from 8 pm to 5 am, rigorously enforced including by the use of police helicopters and search lights. Is the virus a vampire that just comes out at night? …This is all about inducing mass fear, and humiliating the populace by demanding external compliance.’

Father Glen Tattersall, Melbourne Catholic Priest (Lifesite News)

READ: COVID rules in Melbourne, Australia let police enter homes without permission, smash car windows AND Check Out Melbourne’s Crazy New Stage 4 Cononavirus Lockdown Rules

Meanwhile, Australian mental health officials issued this warning about the impact of lockdowns back in May. READReport: Suicide rise from lockdowns to kill more than coronavirus in Australia

And here is what is going on next door to down under:

READ: New Zealand’s largest city locks down after just four people test positive for COVID-19 AND New Zealand man, 33, who hugged a quarantining friend is JAILED for six weeks for breaking strict coronavirus rules

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