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University prof warns students about pro-life views

An English professor at Iowa State University was so brazen that she actually warned students in writing that they would be kicked out of her class if they supported such things as pro-life.

This not only included taking supportive positions in assignments, but even included participating in anti-abortion events outside her class.

The Daily Wire explains:

A professor of English at Iowa State University issued a syllabus for her class asserting that any student who opposes the pro-choice perspective or the Black Lives Matter movement will have created “grounds for dismissal from the classroom.”

Chloe Clark gave a warning on the syllabus for her English 250 class, which was obtained by Young America’s Foundation from an anonymous source who wished to avoid retribution for giving it to YAF through YAF’s Campus Bias Tip Line, as Kara Zupkus of YAF noted.

READ: Iowa Professor’s Syllabus: You’ll Be Dismissed If You Oppose Pro-Choice Or Black Lives Matter Positions

It is called public brainwashing 101. It starts with punishing people for having opposing views. The Chinese communists call them re-education camps, in America they are apparently referred to as universities?

And apparently it is not just happening in universities. Call it a coincidence, but this also involved an English teacher. READ: Philadelphia public school teacher worries about ‘conservative’ parents listening in on virtual classes

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