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KNKX bends the knee to Seattle’s left-wing mob

University of Washington atmospheric professor Cliff Mass was recently fired by KNKX, a publicly owned jazz and blues radio station in Seattle, Washington. Mass hosted a regular weather program at the station.

Mass said his tenure at KNKX has always been a bit tenuous writing:

A collection of activist folks has been gunning for me for a long time and have energetically tried to get me kicked off KNKX.   The reason:  the  discussions of climate and climate change in my blog.   No, we are NOT talking about what I said on air, where I stick to weather and the content was controlled completely by the station.  They objected to what I said in my outside blog about climate change.

Mass does believe in man-made global warming, but has gotten into trouble when he criticizes the media and environmental groups that make exaggerated claims of the damage and severity of global warming. He never did this on air, only on his blog.

But apparently he crossed a line, when he dared to criticize the Seattle rioters and Seattle politicians who were allowing it, again on his blog, not on air.

Mass explains in a blog post:

Last week I wrote a blog post–Seattle, A City in Fear Can Be Restored–criticizing violent individuals who have brought repeated destruction to downtown Seattle and attacked and injured numerous people (including reporters and dozens of police officers).  I also criticized the irresponsible and reckless actions of members of the Seattle City Council, who allowed the violence to continue, tried to cripple and defund the Seattle Police Department, and who have persecuted Chief Carmen Best. […]

My sources inside KNKX tell me that station management went into panic mode after a number of activist folks emailed to complain about my blog.  They were desperate to get out a statement immediately that kicked me off the station in order to get the online mob off their back.  Putting out a deceptive, hurtful statement was OK if it did the job.

Make sure you read the full blog post for all the details. READ: My Firing at KNKX

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