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PARADISE LOST: Meet Melbourne’s dystopia utopia?

Melbourne, Australia Credit: Melbpal/Wikipedia/Creative Commons 4.0

If you want to know what dystopia looks like visit Melbourne, the capital city of the state of Victoria, located in the southeast corner of Australia. The state has a population of 6.7 million people and it recently reported 671 new covid cases. However, as one Melbourne journalist reported, the number of new cases happened as the city doubled the number of people being tested.

Nevertheless, at the insistence of the state’s health officials, here are a few rules imposed by the state’s premier, Daniel Andrews, who has been called a radical leftist:

  • A full curfew was put in place and only people with proper paperwork are allowed out of their homes between 8 pm and 5 Am. During the day people can only leave their homes for essential shopping or work. However, only one person is allowed to go out at a time.
  • Police are doing spot checks of homes to ensure people are obeying the curfews. They can enter homes without a warrant.
  • Facemasks are mandatory, even while outside.
  • Churches, of course, are closed, except for funerals with attendance limited to 10 people,
  • You can not visit anyone in their home, unless you have the state’s approval to do so.
  • You can’t even escape this dystopian nightmare, because you are not allowed to travel more than 3 miles (ca. 5 km) from your home.

Here is how one person described Melbourne:

‘We have a curfew from 8 pm to 5 am, rigorously enforced including by the use of police helicopters and search lights. Is the virus a vampire that just comes out at night? …This is all about inducing mass fear, and humiliating the populace by demanding external compliance.’

Father Glen Tattersall, Melbourne Catholic Priest (Lifesite News)

Lifesite News reports on how a dystopian police force deals with people in their vehicles:

Speaking on August 3, Victoria police chief commissioner Shane Patton was unapologetic as he explained that police had in some instances been smashing car windows due to people inside the cars not cooperating with police or following the newly imposed health guidelines.

“On at least three or four occasions in the past week we’ve had to smash the windows of people in cars and pull them out of there so they could provide their details because they weren’t telling us where they were going, they weren’t adhering to the chief health officer guidelines, they weren’t providing their name and their address,” Patton said.

READ: COVID rules in Melbourne, Australia let police enter homes without permission, smash car windows AND Check Out Melbourne’s Crazy New Stage 4 Cononavirus Lockdown Rules

And here is how the police treat a woman who had a medical exemption for not wearing a face mask outdoors. One can only imagine how she would have been treated if she didn’t have the exemption. Or maybe she didn’t have proper paper work.

Interesting story on the “hard lock down” imposed on a nine public housing towers in Melbourne. People are not even allowed to leave for food and friends were even forbidden from bringing food to them. READ: ‘It’s like we’re in the Hunger Games’: Residents inside Melbourne’s housing commission towers clash with cops trying to enforce lockdown and complain their free food is expired

A few more tweets on the Melbourne dystopia utopia:

Everyone needs paperwork:

You better be home, when police show up for a surprise house check:

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