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Shane Warren shares a prophetic vision of America

I hadn’t heard of Shane Warren, who pastors as church called The Assembly in West Monroe, LA. But I was familiar with West Monroe, which is home of the Robertson family of Duck Dynasty fame.

I think Warren received this prophetic vision back in 2013 and the video is from an interview he did on the Jim Bakker show in 2018, when Warren shared what he saw.

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  1. Claudia Alley says

    I watched and listened to you on de store November 30, 2021. You spoke about Marcus lamb and what he meant to you and you so touched my soul! Thank you pastor Warren for every word you shared during your visit with Jonathan and Suzi Lamb. My soul was stirred by The Holy Spirit and I am so thankful for every word you spoke on that program. God Bless You and your ministry. You will be in my prayers!
    In Christ’s Love
    Claudia Alley


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