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Portland’s radical left now burning Bibles?

Bibles being burned by Portland left wing radicals on August 1, 2020 Twitter video Capture: Ian Cheong

Though the rioting has toned down in Portland over the last couple of days, last night the radical left was allegedly trying to incite a reaction from the officers inside the federal courthouse, that has been the target of their violence in recent weeks. They did this by trying to tear down the barricades surrounding the building and setting fires, that included burning a pile of Bibles.

The Daily Wire reports:

Left-wing activists rioted in Portland on Friday night where they burned Bibles, set fires in the street, and tore protective boarding off of buildings.

The riots had cooled off on Thursday night as “federal and state officers located inside the courthouse were not forced to leave the building during the course of the night,” the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) said in a statement.

READ: WATCH: Protesters Burn Bibles In Portland, Rip Protective Boarding Off Buildings

This is cultural Marxism at its best:

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