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Molotov cocktails & loaded rifle clips in Portland

Rioting has been going on in Portland for 60 consecutive days, but now there are concerns it may be going to the next level as Portland police found a bag filled with Molotov cocktails and loaded rifle magazines at one of the encampments used by the rioters.

The Blaze reports

The violence rages on in Portland, Oregon, and doesn’t show any sign of slowing down. Sunday night, as Portland police responded to reports of gunfire in Lownsdale Square Park where many of the protesters have been encamped, they found disturbing discovery: a bag full of loaded rifle magazines and molotov cocktails.

READ: Portland police respond to shootings at protests, find a bag filled with loaded rifle magazines and molotov cocktails

RELATED: Oregon’s US Attorney calls Portland’s city council’s refusal to allow city police to work with federal agents to quell the nightly violence as “nonsensical, political theater.” READ: US attorney for Oregon blasts Portland officials in blistering interview: ‘Nonsensical, political theater’

And of course, Seattle is also seeing an uptake in demonstrations and riots in that city. A few weeks back, a Seattle radio host, Paul Gallant, mocked President Donald Trump who was discussing the rioting in the city by telling the President to “Chill dawg.”

But Gallant’s tune changed a couple nights ago, when those “peaceful demonstrators” set fire to a Star Bucks that was on the bottom floor of an apartment complex. Any guesses on who had an apartment above Star Bucks?:

But too his credit, Gallant took the resulting mocking in stride.

READ: Radio host mocked Trump by saying Seattle protests were peaceful, then rioters torched his apartment building

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