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It will get better once the police are gone [sarcasm]

With the calls to dismantle or defund the police, we only have to look to New York City, run by Mayor Bill de Blasio, to see what such a future holds.

On June 15, 2020, Mayor de Blasio dismantled his undercover cop division. These were police who guarded the streets of New York in unmarked vehicles. Because of this, criminals and their ilk had to be careful because they never knew where the police were.

However, once de Blasio ended this undercover division, due to the calls to disband the police, things have only improved [sarcasm].

The New York Post explains:

Gun violence exploded across the city after the NYPD disbanded its anti-crime unit of plainclothes cops on June 15, with three times as many shootings in the last two weeks of the month over the same period in 2019, police stats show.

And the shocking rise in gunfire — to 116 incidents from 38 between June 15 and June 2, a 205 percent increase — meant scores more victims were hurt or killed by bullets this year over last year.

Gunshot injuries skyrocketed to 157 from 47 in 2019, a 238 percent increase.

With a total of 205 shootings during the month, it was the bloodiest June in 24 years — going back to 1996, when the NYPD logged 236 incidents, the department said.

READ: Shootings soar 205 percent after NYPD disbands anti-crime unit

Of course, New York City Council believes that the only way to stop this crime wave is by defunding the rest of the city’s police department: READ: City Council passes $88.1 billion budget with $1 billion in cuts to NYPD

There have been calls by radicals to defund the police in Chicago as well. READ: At Least 70 Shot, 14 Dead by Sunday Night over July 4th Weekend in Chicago

JUST A REMINDER, in His description of the end times Jesus said it will be like the days of Noah (Luke 17:26), and the Bible describes the Days of Noah as “full of violence” (Genesis 6:11).

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