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96% of Italy’s COVID deaths had underlying health issues

Italy was hard hit by COVID, so what have Italian authorities learned? Well, it is not the type of news that the mainstream media necessarily wants you to read.

But, according to a report by Italy’s national health authority, Higher Institute of Health (HIOH), 96% of Italian who died because of the Coronavirus had at least one serious chronic illnesses, 81% had two or more and 59% had three or more.

Below is a list of the top five underlying health issues (note: a chart at end of this post provides a complete list):

  • High blood pressure: 68%
  • Type-2 diabetes: 30%
  • Coronary heart disease: 28%
  • Atrial fibrillation: 23%
  • Chronic Kidney disease: 20%

And the average age of those who died was 81 and only 1.1% were under the age of 50.

HIOH president Silvio Brusaferro told those attending the news conference on the report’s release:

“The latest numbers show that new cases and fatalities have a common profile: mostly elderly people with previous illnesses.”

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This is not recent news. Brusaferro said the exact same thing back in March, but was anyone listening? Or was a different agenda afoot?

At a March 13, 2020, news conference, Brusaferro said an initial survey of over 100 Italian deaths from COVID revealed that all but two of had underlying health issues.

In other words, only two people had actually died solely of COVID and because of their age, the researchers were not convinced that the two did not have unreported health problems.

At that March news conference Brusaferro made the startling statement, that the people who died would have survived COVID, if they did not have these serious underlying health problems.

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The people who need to be quarantined are the elderly and those with underlying serious health issues (often the same people), not the whole country.

Most common comorbidities among Italy deaths with coronavirus.

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