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96% of Italy’s COVID deaths had underlying health issues

taly was hard hit by COVID, so what have Italian authorities learned. Well, it is not the type of news that the mainstream media wants you to read, but according to a report by Italy’s national health authority, Higher Institute of Health (HIOH), 96% of the people who died because of the Coronavirus in that country had two or more serious chronic illnesses.

Putting Italy's coronavirus 'pandemic' in perspective

Italy is considered by many to be the nation the hardest hit by the Coronavirus outside of China, and the government has initiated a form of quarantine on the country’s 60 million people. According to Italy’s latest reports (as of March 18, 2020), 2,503 people have died from Coronavirus and an estimated 31,500 people have been officially diagnosed with the disease. Though this suggests a mortality rate of nearly 8%, this percentage may be suspect as a report published in the Independent revealed that at least 45% of the people with coronavirus are showing minimal symptoms, with one in ten having no symptoms at all. So undoubtedly thousands of people have had the virus but saw no need to go to the doctor and were not diagnosed. But Italian authorities also noted that for the first time, they are seeing a decline in the number of new cases being reported on a daily basis, suggesting the pandemic has peaked. Nevertheless, we need to put some perspective on what is happening in Italy. I am basing …