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How change reveals the truth of a miracle

Pastor Allen Jackson, World Outreach Church, Facebook

I recently read the testimony about a miracle that completely transformed a family and it reminded me a bit of the disciples.

Pureflix recently interviewed Allen Jackson, who pastors the 15,000 member mega church, World Outreach Church in Nashville, Tennessee.

In the interview, Jackson shared the miracle that led to his family becoming Christians about four decades back and ultimately played a key role in him entering the ministry.

Forty years ago, Jackson’s mother had been diagnosed with cancer. And as so often happens during times of crisis, people turn to God. As Jackson’s mother, who wasn’t a believer, was leaving with her family for the Mayo Clinic, she prayed “Let me know the truth, so I can tell my children.”

When she arrived at the clinic and went through the scans, the doctors were amazed when they discovered that her tumours had completely disappeared.

It was a miracle.

A short time later, she was washing the dishes and the Holy Spirit spoke to her about the prayer she uttered just before leaving for the Mayo Clinic:

“You asked to know the truth before you died. I am the way the truth and the light.”

Those words took her to the Bible and the verse in John 14:6, which led to her becoming a Christian, ultimately impacting the whole family.

The proof of this miracle is in the remarkable transformation that took place in the Jackson family.

We see a similar pattern with the disciples. After Christ’s crucifixion, the disciples, thinking everything was over, scattered. Then the Lord started making resurrection appearances to the disciples. Jesus appeared to the disciples at least 12 times, in different configurations. Some examples include:

Similar to what happened to the Jackson family, the resurrection miracle completely changed the direction of the disciples.

They went from being scattered, to being willing to die for what they saw. According to tradition, Peter was crucified upside down.

There was also the miracle that took place on the Day of Pentecost when the Holy Spirit fell in power and people were speaking in tongues.

Though we know little about Stephen, other than he was one of the Church’s first deacons, he was also the church’s first martyr and was stoned to death for blasphemy. It is suspected he was saved on the Day of Pentecost and Stephen was willing to die for the miracle he saw.

The Apostle Paul was so impacted by his encounter with the risen Christ on the road to Damascus, he turned from persecuting the church to being its greatest apostle and dying for his faith. Nero was the emperor of Rome during Paul’s missionary journeys, and we know from historical records, the horrific ways he tortured and killed Christians.

A miracle transformed the Jackson family and miracles changed the disciples.

These changes are proof of the miracles.


Pastor reveals shocking miracle that brought his family to faith: Pureflix

Megachurch pastor reveals the astounding miracle that brought his family to faith: Charisma News

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