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Medical researchers state babies feel pain in the womb before 24 weeks

According to an article in England’s Journal of Medical Ethics written by two medical researchers, one of whom is actually pro-choice, they concluded that babies in the womb may feel pain as early as 13 weeks.

The duo, Stuart Derbyshire and John Bockmann, added that there is “good evidence” that baby feels pain as early as 18 weeks.

This is alarming because according to the latest statistics, England’s abortion industry performs about 6,000 abortions annually on babies 18 weeks and older.

It is generally accepted that babies feel pain after 24 weeks and England forbids abortions after this point. However, this paper pushes the time babies in the womb feel pain earlier than previously accepted.

In an article published in England’s Daily Mail, the British Pregnancy Advisory Service quickly rejected this study, even though Derbyshire has provided advice to two pro abortion giants, the American based Planned Parenthood and the UK’s Pro-Choice Forum.

This also represents a 180 degree turn for Derbyshire, because in an article written for the British American Journal in 2006, he advised doctors against discussing fetal pain with women seeking abortion because he didn’t feel it was possible.

Though it is generally accepted today that babies in the womb experience pain after 24 weeks, as early as 1983 that was not generally believed.

In an article published in 2008 in the New York Times, Annie Paul tells how doctors finally acknowledged that babies feel pain in the womb.

In 1983, part of Kanwaljeet Anand’s job working in a neonatal unit at John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford, England was caring for premature babies that had just received surgery.

When the babies were returned to Anand’s intensive care ward after surgery, he noticed they displayed the classic symptoms of shock including shallow breathing, weak pulse, gray skin. He said it would take hours to stabilize these preemies.

Anand wondered why this was happening and followed a baby through the surgery procedure to gain some insight on what was causing these babies so much stress.

He discovered because they did not believe premature babies could experience pain, all the surgeons were administering prior to surgery was a paralytic so the baby would not move and then proceeded to do what was at times extensive surgery without anesthesia.

As a result, Anand performed some tests on babies who were being operated on with minimal or no anesthesia and discovered that there were a marked increase in stress hormones in the infants after their operations.

Further, studies revealed that providing infants anesthesia prior to surgery dramatically increased an infant’s chances of survival particularly in cases of open heart surgery when death rates dropped from 25% to 10% when anesthesia was used.

Anand further noted that premature babies as young as 22 weeks would grimace with pain when he pricked them with a needle. In her article, Paul wrote that Anand believes babies start feeling pain as early as five months.


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