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Poster child of human evolution gets debunked, again

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Evolutionists have often flung the human appendix in people’s faces harping it is a vestigial organ and evidence of human evolution. The theory goes that certain organs of the human body, that were necessary in the early stages of human evolution, became unnecessary as man evolved. But they still remained part of human anatomy and serve as little more than left overs of our evolutionary past.

According to evolutionists, the appendix perfectly fits this description as they believed it no longer had a function in modern humans. However, their poster child has taken a beating in recent years as researchers discovered the appendix has an important role in the health of modern humans.

In a major study involving over 62 million people, researchers at Case Western Reserve University (Cleveland, Ohio) and Cleveland Medical Center discovered that the appendix seems to play a critical role in stopping Parkinson’s disease.

Parkinson’s affects a person’s central nervous system and over time, it increasingly impacts an individual’s motor functions resulting in increased shaking, walking difficulty and rigidness.

The research team has discovered that people who have had their appendix removed are three times more likely to get Parkinson’s than those who did not. Doctors remove approximately 30o,000 appendixes each year in America.

According to their study, they discovered of the 62 million people they analyzed, 488,000 had their appendix removed and of those nearly 4,500 developed Parkinson’s. Though this is not a significant number, what shocked the research team is that this rate was three times higher than those who didn’t have their appendix removed.

So what is the connection?

People who developed Parkinson’s were found to have clumps of the protein alpha synuclein in their brain. Further research revealed that the same clumps of protein were also found in the gut of Parkinson’s patients leading to speculation that Parkinson’s actually starts in a person’s gut and travels to the person’s brain leading to the neurological disorder.

The appendix seems to play a role in stopping this neurological disorder.

But this is not the first time, that the appendix’s vestigial reputation was debunked.

In 2017, researchers from Midwestern University Arizona Hospital in Glendale, Arizona discovered that the appendix also ensures the body has good gut bacteria that is necessary for the absorption of nutrients and fiber and as well aiding the body’s immune system.

At times, an illness can result in the flushing of good bacteria from the body’s gut. However, these good bacterial colonies are then rebuilt by the bacteria in the appendix, a dead-end organ that basically functions as a safe haven.

The appendix is not an evolutionary hold over, it plays a vital role in the function of the human body.

Instead of being evidence of our evolutionary past, the appendix is evidence of the human body’s incredible design, a design that demands a designer:

I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.
Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well. (Psalm 139:14 ESV)


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