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NASA fesses up — the Antarctic ice pack has been increasing in size for the past 33 years

Antarctic penguin colony Photo: Ray Muzyka/Flickr

Antarctic penguin colony Photo: Ray Muzyka/Flickr

It’s a major confession for an organization that has promoted man-made global warming for the past couple of decades. But confession is good for the soul.

A new study released by NASA shows that the Antarctic ice sheet has increased in size each year since 1992. The report appeared in the October 30th issue of Journal of Glaciology.

The thawing of the polar ice caps has been one of the major cornerstones of UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) push to have country’s sign a climate treaty. It claims if we don’t reign in CO2 emissions, the ice caps will melt causing ocean levels to rise, sinking islands and washing away coastal cities.

Unfortunately, the facts are not lining up with the fear mongering as the NASA report shows during the very period the IPCC claimed the Antarctic ice cap was shrinking, it was actually increasing in size.

Using satellites, NASA measured the height of the Antarctic ice caps. These measurements revealed between 1992 and 2001, the Antarctic ice cap gained 112 billion tons of ice each year and between 2003 to 2008 the ice cap grew at a slightly slower rate of 82 billion tons per year.

In October 2015, the Antarctic ice bed set a new maximum record size of 7.27 million square miles.

The NASA calculations confirm other studies that showed similar results. In 2014, a group of scientists from Woods Hole Oceangraphic Institution in Massachusetts used underwater sonar drones to survey the thickness of the Antarctic ice. They were shocked to find the ice was over twice as thick as their global warming models predicted.

The news comes at a very bad time for the UN as its battling to have countries sign a climate treaty at this year’s climate conference in Paris (November 30 – December 11). Predictably, with so much at stake experts are surfacing saying the satellite calculations are wrong.

In an earlier post I reported on the comments by Lord Monckton, an expert on man-made global warming, who believes the UN’s attempts to have countries sign a climate treaty has little to do with controlling our climate.

Nevertheless, NASA remains in the man-made global warming camp and warned that the growing Antarctic ice cap trend could reverse if we don’t reign in CO2 emissions.

Though the Antarctic ice bed has increased in size every year since 1992, satellite images showed the northern Arctic ice cap had shrunk over much of this same period. That trend abruptly stopped in 2012, when the Arctic ice cap started rapidly increasing in size. Satellite images show the Arctic ice cap has returned to 1995 levels.

This is all happening as the earth continues to pour record amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere confirming what many scientists have said from the beginning that CO2 has little, if any, impact on climate. Warming and cooling are part of earth’s natural cycles and there may even be a spiritual cause as well.

Unfortunately, global temperature is not the only area of science corrupted by political and social agendas.


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