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God is a ‘myth’ controversy at Texas school heats up

Has persecution come to the schools of America?

Has persecution come to the schools of America?

In an earlier post, I reported on Jordan Wooley, a seventh grader who attends West Memorial Junior High School in Katy, Texas. She alleged on Monday, October 26, 2015, her reading teacher gave the class a poll assignment which included a question asking if God was “fact, opinion or myth.”

The teacher told the students that the only correct answer to the question was “myth” and that they would lose marks with any other answer. Jordan alleged this resulted in a heated discussion in class as students challenged the answer. The teacher refused to back down and Jordan refused to back down from her faith.

Later that evening, Jordan made a presentation about what happened in her class to a school board meeting. The superintendent said the administration would look into the allegations.

On Wednesday, the superintendent released a statement on the controversy. Though stating the assignment was “ill-conceived,” the school had interviewed several students and none verified Jordan’s story.

He added that there was a question about God in class, but the word myth was not used and instead the phrase “common place.” The school also stated it was not a scored assignment and there were no arguments in class about the question.

Education Action Group reports that the days after the Monday class were bad for Jordan. Her mother, Chantel, posted on Facebook that students were mocking Jordan at school and flipping her the finger blaming Jordan for the controversy.

She said that Jordan’s faith is being challenged and her daughter is shocked that even her friends who could verify what happened have turned against her. It got to the point Jordan did not want to return to school.

After the school released its findings, Fox26 decided to check out the story a bit more.

While the school said it could find no one to back up Jordan’s story, Fox26 did. One parent named Deanna told the news organization her son who had the same teacher in a different reading class confirmed what Jordan said.

The teacher gave them a similar assignment where they had to answer a question about whether God was fact, opinion or “common place.”  When some asked the teacher to define “common place,” she told them it meant “myth.”

The boy was also under the impression it was graded alleging it had the words “20 points” written on it.

However, in this instance the students did not challenge the teacher. Her son alleges the class was scared of the teacher who told them at the beginning of the year that she had a “dark side” and the students didn’t want to cross her. Two other students confirmed with Fox26 she had said this.

The mother added that in the class her son caved to the pressure and actually changed his answer to “myth.” She did not want her last name used fearing her child would receive similar treatment as Jordan.

Fox26 also conducted a phone interview with  the parents of a child in Jordan’s class. The parents, who also did not want to be identified, said their child came home very distraught after the Monday class.

The mother said:

“She was very upset, almost in tears because of the argument with the teacher. The teacher told them it was going to be graded, and if you don’t put what she tells them, then you’re going to get it wrong.”

The parents later messaged Fox26 reconfirming their decision that they did  not want to be interviewed in front of a camera stating:

“Seeing what Jordan is being put through at school, I am personally concerned for my child’s safety.”

Watch Jordan’s presentation to the school board meeting:


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