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You could use teachers, call the police ‘OR’ call in the ‘DADS’

After several fights broke out at Southwood High School in Louisiana in September, resulting in 23 students being arrested, the school was failing to stop the violence. It only stopped when the dads decided to show up.

Wall of a kindergarten class in Nymegen, Holland. Photo: Bruno Casonato/Flickr

The gift of time

One of the big mistakes a parent can make is pushing their children ahead of their years. We want them in kindergarten at an earlier age and as a result they end up in school being the youngest child in their class. In these situations, children can often be diagnosed with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) and are prescribed medication to try to control it. However, the problem may simply be their age. Put them back a year, and they would completely fit in. A recent study by Stanford Graduate School of Education says holding a child back one year before entering kindergarten can “dramatically” improve a child’s self-control in later years. In the US, children traditionally enter kindergarten at age 5. The study was co-authored by Professor Thomas Dee of Stanford University and researcher Henrik Sievertsen from the Danish National Center for Social Research. They added that holding a child back one year in kindergarten can show beneficial results for a child up to the age of 11. It could even have positive benefits …

Has persecution come to the schools of America?

God is a ‘myth’ controversy at Texas school heats up

In an earlier post, I reported on Jordan Wooley, a seventh grader who attends West Memorial Junior High School in Katy, Texas. She alleged on Monday, October 26, 2015, her reading teacher gave the class a poll assignment which included a question asking if God was “fact, opinion or myth.” The teacher told the students that the only correct answer to the question was “myth” and that they would lose marks with any other answer. Jordan alleged this resulted in a heated discussion in class as students challenged the answer. The teacher refused to back down and Jordan refused to back down from her faith. Later that evening, Jordan made a presentation about what happened in her class to a school board meeting. The superintendent said the administration would look into the allegations. On Wednesday, the superintendent released a statement on the controversy. Though stating the assignment was “ill-conceived,” the school had interviewed several students and none verified Jordan’s story. He added that there was a question about God in class, but the word myth …

What is going on inside school classrooms?

Student alleges Texas teacher required classmates to deny their faith in order to pass assignment

According to an article on Breitbart, a teacher in Katy, Texas provided her seventh grade reading class a disturbing assignment that required them to deny their faith to pass. On Monday, October 26, 2015, the teacher allegedly told the students to answer a poll asking if God was “fact, opinion or myth.” The teacher added that if the students answered anything but “myth” they would score poorly on the assignment. Jordan Wooley is  a straight A student at West Memorial Junior High School. She decided to stand for her faith and take a failing grade for the assignment. When she went home, Jordan told her parents about what had happened in class. Her parents immediately phoned the principal of the school to complain. The principal promised to look into the situation. Jordan and another student decided to take their complaint to the school board that was meeting the same night. However, her friend who went home and cried after the class was unable to join Jordan because she was still upset. Jordan’s mother, Chantel, videoed …