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Matthew McConaughey: A modern day covenant

[by Linda Wilson and Barb Smith] There was an intriguing article in The Christian Post last fall about Matthew McConaughey and his girlfriend Camila making a covenant with God.

McConaughey and Camila Alves, a Brazilian model, had been together since 2006 and they had two children by the time they married in 2012.

McConaughey admits that Camila put some pressure on him to get married.  He says he was open to getting married but not because it was expected of him.

“We talked about it spiritually” McConaughey explained to GQ magazine,  “We did a lot of reading and talked to a lot of people that had been divorced, a lot of people that had been happily married.  We talked to our pastor.  In the end our understanding was, let’s go make a covenant, with you, me, and God.”

Matthew has Christian roots. According to reports the reason you never hear him referred to as “Matt” is because his mother named him after the Gospel writer Matthew in the New Testament. Because of that, she told her son to never let anyone shorten his name and he corrects anyone who tries.

At the end of their search, the McConaugheys understood what marriage was about and why a covenant between them and God was important.

In the Bible a covenant is a sacred agreement between the Lord and a person or group of people.  It is God’s promise to never leave or forsake them.

God’s original design was to display His unbreakable covenant to man through the marriage relationship between a man and woman.  They would mirror this covenant revealing God’s faithfulness and unconditional love to one another.

This commitment is made clear in Matthew 6:19:

“Consequently they are no longer two but one flesh. What therefore God has joined together let no man separate.”

God’s purpose for marriage is serious — a binding contract not meant to be broken.

Derek Prince, a well-known Bible teacher, says;

“It is of tremendous importance that we grasp the fact that when God makes a covenant He will never break it.”

For many of us covenant is the glue keeping our marriage together when difficulties arise. “To love and cherish until death do us part” kind of covenant protects our commitment to one another. We stick together through thick and thin.

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