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Britain: BBC criticized for setting up disinformation group

Britain’s state-owned British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has officially set up an organization designed to fight anything it considers to be ‘disinformation,’ LifeSite News reports.

The ‘disinformation’ group will be led by Marianna Spring, who previously worked for one of the most left-wing news outlets in Britain, The Guardian.

Sixty journalists will be part of Springer’s disinformation team and according to reports she has already set up fake social media accounts to ‘understand polarization online’.

As part of her mandate, Spring will also be investigating the ‘alternative media.’

The BBC is even facing criticism from the left for the move, as LifeSite News explains in its article:

Even left-wing outlets have criticized the BBC’s new endeavor, with Spiked writing that “the BBC not only inflates the dangers of social-media falsehoods, it has also applied the disinformation label to stories that are actually true.”

READ: BBC hit with backlash after forming new team to fight ‘disinformation’

People were quick to respond to the Orwellian announcement:

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