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Cancel culture targets a Mother’s Day sign at Toronto school

In the lead-up to Mother’s Day, an elementary school in Toronto Canada, Kew Beach Junior Public School, put up a cute message on their school sign to honor moms that simply read:

“Life does not come with a manual. It comes with a mom.”

We have one day which we set aside each year to honor the sacrifice that moms have made for us, and now it seems the perpetual ‘outrage’ mob is coming after that.

Shortly after the message was put up, someone complained about the sign on social media calling it ‘harmful’ and ‘exclusionary’, the Toronto Sun reports.

Well, a day or so later the school caved, and the message was taken down.

We all have a mother, and it seems we can’t even set aside one day to honor them in our modern enlightened culture.

As Jerry Agar explained in his Toronto Sun article, “When you are attacking Mom, you have reached the literal bottom of the barrel.”

“I would not be writing about this because some socially active trouble maker took it upon herself to diss on motherhood,” Agar continued, “but because the weak spines at the TDSB changed the sign as a result.”

So who came up with this message? Well, apparently it was the idea of sixth graders at the school who just wanted to say thanks to their moms.

READ: AGAR: Shame on TDSB for changing students’ Mother’s Day message

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