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Canada: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau rewrites COVID history

Over the years, archaeologists have made an interesting discovery about the Egyptian pharaohs. If a new pharaoh didn’t like a previous pharaoh, he sent out workers to scrape off any mention of the previous pharaoh’s name in monuments, steles, columns, carvings, and drawings.

Essentially the Pharaoh was eliminating this previous pharaoh from the historical record. He was rewriting history.

Some suggest that Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, is essentially doing the same thing. With more news coming out about the side effects of the vaccines, Trudeau is now denying he forced anyone to get a COVID vaccine.

PJ Media provides more information:

Not only did Trudeau mandate vaxxes for all government workers, but he also repeatedly denounced the unvaxxed as killers and sicced the police and his state media dogs on peaceful truckers protesting injection mandates just to earn a living.

He smeared them, without evidence, of course, as “racists” and “misogynists.”

If targeting a worker’s livelihood as a leverage point to coerce him into getting injected is not considered “force,” w
hat is?

READ: WATCH: Justin Trudeau Claims He Never Forced Anyone to Get Vaxxed

Interesting testimony:

RELATED IN CANADA: COVID-19: About 2,500 B.C. health-care workers lost jobs over refusal to vaccinate (This was the policy of the BC government.)

MEANWHILE, IN THE US: Anthony Fauci Says Don’t Blame Him for COVID Lockdowns and School Closures

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