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Three children and three adults killed in shooting at Nashville Christian school

Six people, three children and three adults, were killed after a woman who appeared to be in her teens armed with two assault rifles and a handgun opened fire on a private Christian elementary school in Nashville, TN.

UPDATE: Police have now confirmed the suspect was a 28 year old transgender man, (born a biological female) and may have been a former student at the school.

The killer, who has yet to be identified, entered the school through a side door and was killed after Nashville police engaged the shooter on the second floor of the school within 14 minutes of receiving calls of the shooting.

Covenant School offers classes from kindergarten to grade six. Located on the outskirts of Nashville, it is operated by the Presbyterian church and has a staff of 33 and a student population of 210.

READ: Female Shooter Kills At Least 6, Including 3 Kids In Nashville Christian School Shooting: Officials AND Police identify 28-year-old female shooter in school massacre that left 3 kids, 3 adults dead AND Police Identify Victims In Nashville Christian School Shooting

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