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Chinese investors own over 384K acres of US farmland

While some are worried about Communist China spy balloons floating over sensitive military sites in the US, others are equally concerned about what is happening on the ground.

According to a report by the United States Department of Agriculture, at the end of 2021, Chinese investors owned 383,935 acres of American farmland, The Blaze reports.

This did not include the purchase of 370 acres last year in North Dakota for $2.3 million by the Fufeng Group, which intended to use the land to build a corn mill.

Though the purchase only involved a few hundred acres, concerns were immediately raised about the potential construction due to its proximity to an important US air base and Fufeng’s deep connections to the Chinese Communist Party.

The Grand Forks Air Force Base provides key support to US military and space operations.

After receiving a letter from Air Force Assistant Secretary Andrew Hunter about the serious security concerns about the building project, the Grand Forks, North Dakota city council refused to grant building permits.

READ: Chinese investors own 384K acres of US agricultural land: Report AND Chinese company’s North Dakota corn mill project struck down by Grand Forks, prompting cheers of ‘USA!’

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