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Because of overwhelming interest, the finale of ‘The Chosen’ will have an extended stay in theaters

A screenshot of Jesus feeding the five thousand during The Chosen’s third season
Credit: Angel Studios

Because of overwhelming interest, the season finale of The Chosen, a TV series based on the life of Jesus, will have an extended stay in theaters, the Daily Wire reports.

Season three’s final two episodes, 7 and 8, were scheduled to play in selected theaters across America on Feb 2 and Feb 3, however, because of interest CBN is reporting that this will now be extended to Feb 6.

The finale will feature one of the major Gospel stories, the feeding of the 5,000.

When the first two episodes of Season 3 aired in 2,012 theaters in November 2022, they were the third most watch movie in America that weekend, grossing $8.7 million.

It finished behind, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever and The Menu which were seen in over 3,000 theaters that same weekend, but was ahead of Disney productions.

The Chosen differs from many Christians movies about Jesus and the disciples, because it portrays them a real, quirky people.

“[They are] real, vaguely neurotic people, busting free of the stained-glass images that have long enshrined them” said Sean O’Neal in his review for the Texas Monthly. “They bicker and fall in love. They struggle with insecurities and jealousies.”

“[F]or those who might wonder why ‘the greatest story ever told’ couldn’t also have a little more humor or humanity …  The Chosen is something of a miracle,” O’Neal added.

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