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19 health benefits associated with vitamin D

In a recent article on Study Finds, Matt Higgins analyzed several studies that showed the benefits of getting the proper amount of vitamin D, through either being outside or regularly taking supplements.

Higgins pointed to 19 health benefits, which included these five.

The studies revealed that vitamin D may help:

  1. Deal with depression. READ: Vitamin D supplements help treat depression, study reveals
  2. Prevent dementia and strokes. READ: Vitamin D-efense: Getting more sun could help protect against dementia and strokes
  3. Decrease the risk of having breast cancer. READ: Spending more time in the sun lowers breast cancer risk for women
  4. Reduce the severity of cancer. READ: Vitamin D may extend lifespans of cancer patients, study finds AND Vitamin D supplements may significantly lower advanced cancer risk
  5. Fight off respiratory infections such as the flu, colds and COVID. READ: Feeling sick? Vitamin D helps prevent colds, flu, respiratory infections AND Supplements High In Vitamins C & D May Be Key In Fighting Off Coronavirus, Study Finds

For the full list READ: Soak Up The Sun! 19 Awesome Health Benefits From Vitamin D, According To Studies

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