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Why are enrollments in Public Schools continuing to drop?

The decline in the number of children attending public schools is continuing in 2023, according to reports

The trend towards homeschooling or private schools started before COVID dropped, as parents were already becoming concerned about what is taking place in the public schools.

But once COVID hit, the exodus quickly ramped up largely due to the erratic behavior of the public school in response to the pandemic. Parents had no certainty of which way school officials would go, who were seemingly changing their minds on a whim.

According to data released by the National Center for Education, the number of children in the public school system dropped from 50.8 million in the fall of 2019 to 49.4 million in the fall of 2020, a drop of over one million students in the course of a year.

In 1973, there were approximately 13,000 children being homeschooled by American parents. This had grown to five million by 2020 and this trend is continuing. As an example, the number of students being homeschooled in Texas increased five times between August 2020 and August 2021 according to the Texas Homeschool Coalition.

As well, many Christian schools are also reporting significantly higher enrollments since the pandemic ended. The demand is also forcing many churches to consider starting new schools. READ: Christian School Enrollment Booms: 79 Percent See Increase Post-Pandemic, Report Says

Much of this increased interest is due to genuine concerns about what is happening in the public school system.

Below are a just few examples:

READ: Public Schools Are Steadily Losing Students as Homeschooling Skyrockets AND Homeschooled Children Increased To 5 Million In 2020

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