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Will we all soon be needing a horse and cart?

If I understand the global warming cult correctly, we need to go electric in order to save the planet.

If we do that, then according to their propaganda, the world will start cooling off.

This is why woke, left-wing governments, with not a lick of commonsense, are legislating an end to gas-powered vehicles. READ: U.S. government to end gas-powered vehicle purchases by 2035 under Biden order AND Goodbye gasoline cars? EU lawmakers vote to ban new sales from 2035

But here is the problem, electric-powered vehicles of every type hate cold weather, so that means these problems will only get worse if the world starts cooling.

Apparently, a city’s electric LRT system was completely taken out by an ice storm. READ: Update: LRT service won’t be fully restored until at least Tuesday

Another man complained that his Tesla wouldn’t charge because the weather was too cold, causing him to miss a Christmas celebration. READ: Tesla owner says he had to cancel Christmas plans because car would not charge in freezing weather

And we shouldn’t forget the difficulty with those electric garbage trucks, again related to cold weather. READ: New York sees failure in plan to convert garbage trucks to electric

But it seems even when the weather isn’t cold, electric vehicles still can’t get the job done. One man’s story on why he is going back to gas-powered car before it is impossible to buy one.

As I watch my family strike out on foot across the fields into driving rain and gathering darkness, my wife holding each child’s hand, our new year plans in ruins, while I do what I can to make our dead car safe before abandoning it a mile short of home, full of luggage on a country lane, it occurs to me not for the first time that if we are going to save the planet we will have to find another way. Because electric cars are not the answer.

Yes, it’s the Jaguar again. My doomed bloody £65,000 iPace that has done nothing but fail at everything it was supposed to do for more than two years now, completely dead this time, its lifeless corpse blocking the single-track road.

I can’t even roll it to a safer spot because it can’t be put in neutral.

READ: Back To The Horse & Cart

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