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BC government asks doctor to delete database exposing failures of its free drug program for addicts

The British Columbia government, a province of Canada, has asked a leading addictions expert, Simon Fraser University professor Dr. Julian Somers, to delete his database which exposed the failures of the province’s program that provides free drugs to addicts.

The extensive database, which provided information on hospitalizations, criminal convictions, and medications since 2004, has been used extensively by researchers studying drug addiction.

In his article for the National Post, Adam Zivo explains why the BC government is upset:

In B.C., as in much of Canada, the popular approach is to herd homeless people into housing where most, if not all, residents are fresh off the streets, creating a critical mass of trauma and addiction. These residents are then given a “safe supply” of free drugs and provided few resources for recovery and social reintegration.

Somers’ study showed that if you house homeless people in a way that disperses them into normal society, and then prioritize rehabilitation, employment and social reintegration, you see a 70 per cent reduction in crimes committed and a 50 per cent reduction in medical emergencies, all without spending more money.

The study confirmed the common-sense notion that it’s better to empower people to get back on their feet, rather than foster dependency through easy access to free drugs.

READ: Adam Zivo: The silencing of drug addiction experts who criticize ‘safe supply’

Meanwhile, famed Canadian Psychologist and former University of Toronto professor, Jordan Peterson, has been summoned to attend a re-education course:

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