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Town restores nativity scene after complaints

After Bucksport council, a small town in Maine, caved to potential threats from Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) and removed a nativity scene on town property, the citizens expressed their outrage at the decision, Fox News reports.

FFRF had demanded that the town install one of its signs beside the nativity scene that spoke of the winter solstice and the Bill of Rights or remove the Nativity scene altogether. Over fears of a potential lawsuit, the town, on advice of legal counsel, decided on the latter course of action and took down the scene.

Over a dozen of people showed up at the next council meeting and demanded the nativity scene be restored.

One citizen described it as just another form of ‘cancel culture.’

Others demanded the city stand up for Freedom of Speech.

The First Amendment [protects] freedom of religion, not freedom from religion,” town resident, Bob Mercer said.

Several cited Supreme Court Cases that stated that governments were allowed to set up religious displays on government-owned property.

“It’s time for [the] silent majority to speak,” a woman who lived in the town for 40 years stated as she called for the nativity scene to be restored.

In the end, the town council decided to restore the Nativity scene and allowed FFRC to put up its poster as well.

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I like how that one woman said the ‘silent majority’ need to speak up. Because it is just a small minority of woke individuals who are also demanding that we change.

This includes eliminating ‘Christmas’ or ‘Merry Christmas’, as requested by the University of Brighton. READ: Brighton University urges staff to not say ‘Christmas’ because it’s too ‘Christian-centric’ – and instead call it the ‘winter closure period

That was clearly seen in a recent poll in Canada which revealed that a significant majority (70%) preferred “Merry Christmas” over ‘Happy Holidays’ as a seasonal expression. A further 92% said they weren’t offended by those who used the phrase.

READ: It’s just fine to say ‘Merry Christmas’: Most Canadians prefer it to ‘Happy Holidays,’ poll finds

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